3 Steps To Write A Great Blog Vision Statement

3 Steps To Write A Great Blog Vision Statement

3 Steps To Write A Great Blog Vision Statement

When I read my blog vision statement I get energy and inspiration for my day to day blogging.

Making money blogging can be a great inspiration for blogging.

But as a beginner blogger, you may not earn money from your blog. So it’s easy for you to be demotivated.

In fact, most of the bloggers quit blogging in their first year. One of the big reasons for it is, not getting instant ROI.

You’re working hard but not getting any return from your blog initially.

That’s the difference between a real life business and a blogging business.

In real life business, you can take profit from your day to day selling. But in the blogging business, you have to blog for long without getting any benefit.

For that you’ll need inspiration. You need to be motivated continuously.

Although there are many ways to get blogging motivation, I found blog vision statement is the big one for me.

What is A Blog Vision Statement?

Simply saying, a blog vision statement is what you desire to accomplish through blogging in the long run, generally in a time frame of five to ten years or even longer.

Don’t be confused with blog vision and mission statement as both are closely related.

I’ve talked about blog mission statement before. To clarify further, a blog mission statement is how you plan to fulfill your blogging desire. And the desire is your blog vision statement.

You blog vision statement is the future state and the mission statement is the present state.

I think both the thing is now clear to you.

Why You Need To Have A Vision Statement For Your Blog?

Although there may have many benefits of having a written blog vision statement, I’m sharing some which seem amazing to me.

It motivates me: There are many blogs on blogging. Then why I created this blog! Before writing the vision statement for this blog, this question would come to my mind sometimes. And I would become demotivated.

After writing the vision statement, it motivates me whenever negative thoughts come to my mind.

It helps me to give more focus: As I’m trying to create something which will help people to achieve success, I’m now giving more focus to my blog to fulfill my vision.

It helps me to decide what to do or what NOT: Whenever I come to a conflicting issue, my blog vision statement helps me to take the right decision.

It helps me to set my blogging strategy: Even in a narrowed niche, you can write the same content to different directions. As I have a blog vision statement I now write content to fulfill my vision.

It helps me to visualize a big picture of my blog: When I cite my blog vision statement closing my eyes, I can easily imagine my future blog.

7 Must-Have Ingredients In A Blog Vision Statement

There are no definite ingredients of a blog vision statement. In my opinion, the following ingredients are must-have.

1.Future-focused: It should provide a big picture and clearly describes what your blog will be in the future.

2. Directional: It should guide you to set your blogging plan and strategies.

3. Short and specific: A short vision statement is easy to memorize and visualize. It should also be specific to shape decision making.

4. Simple and Unique: It should highlight what makes your blog different and why it matters.

5. Challenging: It should inspire you to do great things and achieve a higher level of standard.

6. Inspiring: It should be appealing and engage your readers to commit to a cause.

7. Relevant and purpose-driven: It should Reflect your response to the challenges of the day.

3 Steps Write A Great Blog Vision Statement

3 Steps Write A Great Blog Vision Statement

See the heading above. I wrote a word GREAT. I actually mean by saying GREAT is that your blog vision statement should have two things. One is the above seven must-have ingredients and another is your mental satisfaction.

After writing your final vision statement you should feel that oh! yes, that should be my blog vision statement. Otherwise, it won’t give you the desired benefits.

I’ve written my blog vision statement in three steps. You can follow my steps to write yours.

Step One: Brainstorm The Vision Statement

You know better what should be your blog vision statement. You just need to think deeply. To help you brainstorm, I’m sharing some ideas.

  • Ask yourself why your blog exists and what ideas led to its founding.
  • What readers’ problem you’re solving.
  • Try to imagine your blog after five to ten years.
  • Don’t limit yourself. Dream big and let your ideas flow.

In this step, you’ll get many ideas. Don’t think much. Just write down all the ideas one after another.

Step Two: Draft Your Vision Statement

In the previous step, you wrote down all the ideas.

Read all the ideas thoroughly.

I’m sure, you’ll find two-three ideas which are more appealing to you. Bring them together and write one after another.

Now it’s time to draft your vision statement. Try to combine those two-three ideas or blend them together or come up with a completely new one based on those ideas.

That should be the final draft of your blog vision statement.

Step Three: Finalize Your Blog Vision Statement

It’s time to finalize the statement. Some tips to help you to finalize.

  • Make sure you’re satisfied with the statement.
  • Close your eyes and try to visualize your blog in the future based on the statement.
  • Ask your close friends for feedback.
  • Adjust the statement as needed.
  • Make sure it’s motivational and inspire your readers to engage with your blog.


Writing a blog vision statement isn’t difficult. But benefits are huge.

You just need to imagine your blog after five to ten years and brainstorm a sentence to describe your blog at that time.

After that just tweak the sentence and make it inspiring.

That’s it.

At this point you may want to know my blog vision statement. Here is it.

To eliminate blogging overwhelm by simplifying the process of building a successful blogging business.

Your Opinion

I would like to ask feedback on my blog vision statement. Is it inspiring? Please share in the comments below…

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