How To Come Up With Endless Blog Post Ideas In 5 Easy Steps

How To Come Up With Endless Blog Post Ideas In 5 Easy Steps

Have you asked, “how to come up with blog post ideas?

In fact, I have just the opposite problem.

I have so many ideas that I don’t have time to write about.

List of blog post ideas

And it’s growing consistently.

Do you want to have the same problem?

You don’t have to do extra work.

You can come up with endless blog post ideas automatically in the way of writing and publishing your posts.

Let’s see…

How To Come Up With Endless Blog Post Ideas In 5 Easy Steps

Suppose you’ve just started blogging.

And you’ve definitely chosen your blog niche.

For example, your blog niche is “Building Construction“.

You divided your blog niche into three-four categories.

This might look like this:

Blog Categories

First, you need to make a format for collecting blog post ideas. Let’s name the format “Idea Generator“.

You can use any spreadsheet program.

I like to use Google sheets. In my blog planner, I have a separate sheet for this purpose.

You can do this too.

Open a blank sheet.

Make a format as the image below:

Idea Generator Format

Next, go through the steps below.

Step #1: Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

The first step to come up with blog post ideas is to brainstorm based on blog categories.

As we have four categories in our example blog, let’s begin brainstorming…

If we pick the first category and brainstorm, we might get the following ideas:

Blog post ideas based on category1

Do the same for the rest three categories.

You might come up with the following ideas:

For the second category:

Blog post ideas based on category 2

And for the third category and fourth category, you might also get the same numbers of blog post ideas.

Say, we have got six blog post ideas brainstorming the rest two categories.

Look, we’ve already come up with fourteen blog post ideas just brainstorming the blog categories.

Do this brainstorm session every month for half an hour. Include this in your monthly task list.

I set a time block in my daily routine to do my monthly tasks.

You can do the same.

As we have some post ideas on our sheet, we can now pick an idea to write about.

Let’s pick “construction process of RCC members“.

Before starting to write a blog post, we definitely do some research on the topic.

And, we will…

Step #2: Collect Blog Post Ideas During Research

For researching, we mostly depend on Google search.

Start typing your topic on Google search bar.

Google will show you some suggestions as soon as you start typing.

Google search suggestions

From these suggestions, you will come up with some blog post ideas which are related to your niche.

Take note of them in your idea generator sheet.

Now hit enter. And Google will return with search results.

From results, you’ll get some more ideas.

Google Search result

Take these ideas to your sheet.

Now scroll to the bottom of the search result page.

You’ll see something like this:

Google Search Suggestions

You’ll get some ideas from there too.

Next, I’ll do some more research using BuzzSumo to get an idea of the post title and the format of most shared content related to the topic I’m researching.

Buzzsumo is an awesome tool not only for content research but also for knowing about social sharers and mention.

Head over to BuzzSumo and search the topic.

Buzzsumo will return with …

Search result on buzzsumo

You may come up with some more content ideas from there.

Take those ideas to your sheet.

In this step, you’ve come up with almost twelve blog post ideas without doing anything – just researching one post you’re going to write.

Your post writing isn’t started yet. You want to do one more thing – keyword research.

Let’s how you can…

Step #3: Come Up With Blog Post Ideas During Keyword Research

We’ll use Google keyword planner tool for researching keywords.

Because it does its job best and it’s free.

Head over to Google keyword planner tools (You need to signup with Gmail account).

And search your topic using the keyphrase.

The tool will show you something like this:

Results of Google Keyword Planner tool

You may find some blog post ideas on the result.

You got three ideas in this step. Write those on your sheet.

Once you found your desired keywords, you may want to start writing the post.

And you’ll…

Step #4: Get Some More Blog Post Ideas During Writing


Do you remember we started to write “construction process of RCC members“?

When you’re writing the post, you may go through the following steps:

Getting blog post ideas while writing

You may need to cover all these topics for the post.

But every topic needs elaborate discussion which you may not be able to cover in a post.

You’ll surely need to write some other posts to support the post that you’re writing.

Write those post ideas in your sheet.

You may get two-three blog post ideas in this step.


Now that you’ve finished writing and published the post on your blog, what’s next?

You’ll go to promote that.

And, you’ll…

Step #5: Come Up With Blog Post Ideas While Promoting

There are many promoting channels including question-answering sites, forums, and communities, etc.

Let’s say you’ll promote the post on question-answering site Quora.

For promoting your post on quora, you first need to find a question related to your post topic.

Let’s search for questions on quora using our post topic.

You’ll get results like the image below.

Getting blog post ideas from Quora

You may get two-three post ideas from quora.

If you use other promoting channels like forums and communities, you’ll get some blog post ideas from there too.

Let’s say, you’ve come up with three ideas in this step.

So, how many ideas you’ve got in total from researching to promoting (step #2 to #5) a post?

It’s twelve in total.

But why I called this “endless blog post ideas“?

You’ve come up with twelve blog post ideas for just publishing a post.

How many ideas will you get for publishing these twelve post?

Plus you’ll get some post ideas during the brainstorm session every month.

Now, do the math yourself!

Isn’t it endless?

But there is a problem…

As you publish more posts, getting the number of ideas will be reducing.

The situation will be even worse if your blog niche is too narrowed.

But, fear not.

You have…

Bonus Step #1: Tools To Generate A Lot Of Blog Post Ideas

Following tools will give you a lot of blog post ideas that you can’t write about in life (unless you don’t have a team of writers).


It’s a freemium tool that helps to come up with the most asked questions about the searched topic.

Just head over to the site and search using your keyphrase.

It’ll return you with:

AnswerThePublic search result

You can toggle the appearance to the data view.

Data view on Answerthepublic

Collect questions that are closely related to your blog niche.

Content Row’s Link Bait Title Generator:

It’s a headline generator tool. But you can use this to come up with some creative blog post ideas.

Go to the site and enter a topic into the search bar.

For example, I’ve entered “MONEY”. It returned me with the following:

Linkbait search result

Uber Suggest:

It’s basically a keyword research tool.

But you can use this to generate blog post ideas.

Just search using a board keyword, you’ll be returned with:

Ubersuggest keyword search result

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator:

This is basically a title generator tool. But you can use this to come up with a lot of creative blog posts ideas.

Just head over to the tool and search using a keyphrase. The tool will return:

Getting blog post ideas using title generator

Scroll down the page to see more ideas.

You can collect lots of blog post ideas from there.

Don’t forget to add them to your list.


It’s actually not a tool. It’s a social media platform.

You can use their search function to find lots of blog post ideas.

Let’s search for the keyphrase – BLOGGING.

I found this result:

Pinterest search result

From there you can gather a lot of blog post ideas.

But don’t forget to write them in your “idea generator” sheet.

Whereas tools help you to come up with some creative blog posts ideas, you can also…

Bonus Step #2: Be Strategic To Come Up With Reader Engaging Blog Post Ideas

Reader engaging blog posts are those which readers have already shown loves on somewhere.

Use the following strategies to find them:

Find Most Shared Posts Of Your Competitors

I don’t like the word COMPETITOR. Because no one is your competitor in the blogging world. Everyone is your friend.

You can find the most shared content on your friends’ blog.

To do that, go to BuzzSumo and type your target blog’s URL in the search box.

And BuzzSumo will show you the most shared content of that blog.

Finding most shared content of competitor using BuzzSumo

From there you’ll get some blog post ideas to write about.

Collect them in your list.

Use Amazon Look Inside:

This strategy is a great way to come up with lots of blog post ideas instantly.

First, head over to Amazon and search using a keyword related to your blog niche.

For example, I’ve searched using the keyword “blogging” and found the following result:

Amazon search results

Next click on a book in the search result that has the LOOK INSIDE logo on it.

Amazon look inside logo

Now, click on the book cover and scroll through the page to find “Table of Content” and collect as many ideas as you want.

Collect Blog Post Ideas From Blog Comments:

If you’re blogging for some time, you must be getting some comments.

Readers sometimes ask questions while commenting on blogs.

Collect those in your Idea Generator sheet while approving comments.

You can also read through the comments on popular blogs and collect questions from there.

It’s the most effective way to collect reader engaging blog post ideas.


Coming up with great blog post ideas is one of the hardest parts of creating content.

If you create content based on your idea that’s good. But if you create contents based on your readers’ idea that’s great.

You’ll definitely be able to come up with the mix of endless good and great blog post ideas if you can effectively follow the steps, the tools, and the strategies I’ve shared in this post.

Just make sure, you’ve easy access to your Idea Generator sheet anytime and from anywhere to collect those ideas.

Share Your Opinion

It’s time to let me know how you are getting results using my process I’ve described here. Please share in the comments below…

How To Come Up With Endless Blog Post Ideas In 5 Easy Steps

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  1. I come up with a lot of blog post ideas… but no one is googling those keywords 🤣. I definitely need to be more focused and doing keyword research better. Thanks for the nudge!

    1. Doing keyword research will give you some ideas about what your readers are looking for. It also helps to come up with many other blog post ideas.
      Thanks for commenting, Kari.

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