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Blog Post Checklist: 10 Things to Check Before Publishing

blog post checklist

You are here because you write blog posts.

So, it is very much possible that you already know “Content is The King”.

We all work hard to write quality blog posts to make sure we are not spoiling our readers valuable time.

When we write a blog post we need to focus on several things. So that, the post can reach our potential readers, enjoyable to read and it values our reader’s time.

Doing all these things at once, we tend to forget some points to do.

Having a handy checklist helps us to do all the things a blog post needs to get maximum benefits from it.

In this post, I will share 10 things you need to do consistently for every blog post before publishing it online.


Blog post Checklist: 10 Things to Do Before Publishing a Blog Post

You need to do following 10 things consistently before publishing a post on your blog. Although I said 10 things, you actually need to do many other things under these 10 things. Here we go…

1. Check if You Researched Keyword for Your Post

You actually need to research your post keyword before start writing your post.

Suppose, you come up with a solution to a problem. It is very much possible that many others are searching for that solution.

But you don’t know what keyword they are using for finding the solution of the problem.

So, it is essential to research keyword before start writing your post. So that, you can know what keyword your readers are using for searching the thing online you are going to write about.

But, how can you find the keyword your readers are using in their browser’s search bar?

You can use google keyword planner for finding keyword.

Things to Check during keyword research:

  • Check the keyword has high search volume
  • Check the keyword is low competitive


Read More: How to use Google keyword planner tool for keyword research

Once you found the low competitive and high search volume keyword for your post, you can now start writing your post.

2. Check if Your Post Title is Catchy to Get Clicks

Every post title must have at least these two things –

  • Ability to entice readers to click on it.
  • Ability to get found in search result

A title is your first opportunity to market your blog post.

So, make your blog post title catchy. So that, it entices readers to click on it.

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The second most important thing to include in your blog post title is your targeted post keyword.
It is very important for your post SEO.

Try to include keyword at the beginning of the title. If not possible, try to include this anywhere in the title.

Things to Check in your post title:

  • Make sure the post title is 40 – 69 characters long
  • Make sure it has power words (How to, easy, must, numbers, etc)
  • Make sure it is catchy
  • Make sure you include the keyword in the title.

3. Check if Your Post Introduction is Enticing

Don’t break natural flow of your post writing. First, finish your post writing and then come back to the post-draft for editing.

During editing your post draft, start with the post introduction.

Your post introduction is the second opportunity after the post title to entice readers to read your post.

Read More: How to write blog post introduction? – Neil Patel.

Things to Check in post introduction:

  • Make sure you post introduction can grab reader’s attention
  • Explain why the post exists
  • Explain how the post will help your readers

4. Check if You Conclude Your Blog Post Properly

A conclusion is one of the most powerful components of an article. If you don’t conclude a post properly, no matter how good your post is, it will fall flat.

So, check if you write the post conclusion properly to get the most benefit from the post.

Read the post “How to write a powerful post conclusion” – HubSpot


5. Check If Your Post has a Call-to-Action

After reading your post, readers will immediately leave your blog if you don’t include a call-to-action.

A call-to-action is an invitation to your reader to take a certain action after reading your post.

So, make sure your blog post has a call-to-action at the bottom.

You can include any one of the following as a “call-to-action”:

  • Ask for comment
  • Request to share your blog post on social media
  • Sign up for your blog newsletter
  • Buy something from you.

Ultimate blog post checklist pdf

6. Check If Your Blog Post is Well Formatted

Format your blog post before publishing to make it easy to read for your readers. No matter, how well written your blog post, if you don’t format the post, it will bore your readers.

So, format your post before publishing.

Things to check for your post formatting:

  • Check your post’s paragraphs are short
  • Check you divide your post into headings and subheadings (Use H1, H2… tags)
  • Use bold and italic text to highlight important sentences of your post.
  • Try to use bullet points within your post where applicable
  • Leave enough white space for reducing eye strain
  • Use easy words and simple sentences in your post

7. Check if Your Blog Post is Error Free

Having spelling and grammatical errors in a post is really annoying.

After formatting your blog post, try to eliminate all the spelling and grammatical errors from the post.

We call it “proof-read”. But when it comes to proofreading a blog post, it is more than proofread.

Check following errors in your post:

  • Check you use simple sentences in your post instead of complex.
  • Check all sentences are made with easy words.
  • Check spelling and grammatical errors. I use Grammarly (free) for this purpose.

8. Check if You Use an SEO Optimized Image in Your Blog Post

Image plays a huge role in SEO. It also makes a blog post enjoyable to read.

So, you should insert an Image into your blog post.

But only inserting an Image doesn’t make anything.  Your post image should be optimized for your blog branding and search engine.

Things to check in your post image:

  • Make your post image Pinterest friendly
  • Check if image file size is below 100 kb.
  • Make sure you name your image properly
  • Check the image is matched with your blog brand
  • Check if you write image Alt Tag
  • Make sure you write an image description

I’ve talked about how to use image properly in your blog post. You may like to read the post.

9. Check if Your Post is Optimized for SEO

SEO plays a huge role in your blogging success. So, every post on your blog should be optimized for SEO.

To make your post SEO friendly, you need to spread your targeted keyword throughout your post. You need to interlink your post. Your post also needs to have outbound links.

If you can do these consistently for every post, Overtime, your blog will rank on search engine result and you will get many blog traffic from search engine.

Things to check for post SEO:

  • Check if you include a keyword in the post title, post URL, post-introduction, post body and post conclusion.
  • Check if you include a keyword in image Alt tag.
  • Make sure you link your old posts
  • Make sure you link out to important resources for your readers
  • Check if you write post meta description

If your blog is on WordPress blogging platform, you can use Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your post for SEO.

10. Other Important Things to Check in Your Blog Post Before Publishing

Before publishing your blog post, you need to check some other things to make sure your post is user-friendly.

Check the following things:

  • Check if your post is categorized
  • Check if you add proper tags to your post
  • Preview your post before hitting on publish button to check everything is reasonable.



It seems that there are overwhelming things to check before publishing a blog post.

At the beginning, these things may overwhelm you. Don’t let these things hold you back from publishing a post.

Once you start to practice the things to check before publishing a blog post, you can do these without giving much effort overtime.

Your blog post doesn’t need to be perfect to be published. Just check the things I shared in these post and let your post go online.

Download “Ultimate blog post checklist” by clicking on the image below.

Ultimate blog post checklist pdf

Say Something

Do you want to add anything else to this blog post checklist? Please share in the comments below. It will be beneficial to me as well as to my readers.

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