4 Questions to Ask to Write a Better Blog Mission Statement

4 Questions to Write a Better Blog Mission Statement

4 Questions to Ask to Write a Better Blog Mission Statement

I wrote a mission statement on the first page of my blogging plan.

It’s said that every successful man starts with the end goal in mind. That is exactly a mission statement is. But more than that.

If you want to treat your blog as a business, you need to have a mission statement for your blog.

A mission statement is a roadmap for your journey.

Let’s see why you need to write a mission statement for your blog.

Why Should You Write a Mission Statement For Your Blog?

To Find Direction: I don’t know why you started blogging.

There can be many reasons for starting a blog. Maybe it’s just your hobby. Maybe you want to make connections with people. Maybe you want to be an author. Maybe you want to be famous in the online world.

I started my first blog just to keep my professional things in an online place. I didn’t have any purpose. Later I learned that there is a huge potential to build a blog as a business.

Whatever your prime mission to start your blog, you’ll find many directions to go through along your journey.

As you know, if you want to be successful in anything in your life, you need to constantly focus on the thing.

Due to the many directions, you can be lost and failed.

If you have a written mission statement, it’ll help you to go through a direction constantly.

To Stay Motivated: Most of the bloggers quit blogging due to the lack of motivation. They started their blogs with full motivation. But when they don’t find any success, they quit.

But you know, to make a thing successful, you first need to build that.

When you have a written blog mission statement, you know that what you need to build and you’ll find motivations to build that.

A Mission Statement Will Let You Know Whether You’re Being Successful: As I told, a mission statement is a roadmap. It also tells you where to go.

As you know from your mission statement that where you need to go, you’ll know your progress at any stage of your journey.

It’s a Pretty Starting Important Place For Your Blogging Venture: When you decide to start a blogging business, the first step is to choose the blogging niche.

After choosing the blog niche the first problem you’ll face is that where to start from.

A mission statement will show you where you should start. From there you’ll grow and go toward your goal.

It Helps You Develop Monetization Strategy: It’s not a secret that you want to make money blogging and you should.

Everyone wants returns from his hard work.

Building a successful blogging business takes a lot of effort and hard work. You definitely want returns from your hard work.

Although there are many ways to make money blogging. But all ways don’t fit in all types of blog. If one way fit in your blog, another way may not.

The successful monetization of a blog depends on the type of your blog and blog readers.

If you have a written mission statement, you already know about your readers and your content strategy. It’ll help you to define your blog monetization strategy.

4 Questions To Write A Better Blog Mission Statement

I think you’ve already got some ideas to write your blog mission statement from the above discussion.

If you ask me to write your blog’s mission statement, I can’t. You have to write it yourself. Because no one knows better about your blog than you.

I’ll just give you some questions to ask yourself which will help you to write a better mission statement for your blog.

In fact, the answer to these questions is your blog’s mission statement.

1. Why Are You Blogging (The Purpose)?

When you started a blog, you definitely had a purpose. The purpose can be anything.

But the problem is that we forget that purpose along the way of our blogging journey.

As you know, stick with a purpose is very important to be successful in blogging.

If you have your blogging purpose written, you won’t forget why you started your blogging journey.

So, you need to include your blogging purpose in your blog’s mission statement.

2. Who Are Your Readers (The Customer)?

Your blogging mission statement needs to include your target readers.

That means, who are your target audiences? Knowing your target audience will help you write better contents and monetize your blog effectively.

So, defining target audiences is a must in a blog mission statement.

Read More: How to identify your target audience?

3. What Do Your Readers Need (The Problem)?

Once you know about your target audiences, you need to find out their pain point-their need.

When you know your readers’ need or their pain point, it will be easy for you to solve their problem or to help them.

So, your blog mission statement should describe your readers’ pain point.

4. How Will Your Blog Change Your Readers Life(The Benefit)?

In the previous question, I described that you need to write your readers need in your blog mission statement.

You also need to write another point in your blog’s mission statement that is how solving your readers’ problem will change their life.

In simple words, you need to write the benefit of readers when you solve the problem.

So, in your blog mission statement, you need to write about the benefit of your readers.

I think you are a little bit confused at this moment. Don’t worry. Everything will be cleared to you when I’ll give you some examples of mission statement at the end of this post.

Before seeing examples, let’s see how to write a blog mission statement.

How to Write a Blog Mission Statement?

How To Write A Blog Mission Statement?

While writing your blog mission statement, keep the following tips in mind.

Keep It Short And Concise: Don’t make your mission statement too long. You have to read this regularly. It is better to memorize it.

Although there is no rule how long your mission statement should be, keeping it short and concise will help you to review and memorize it easily.

Make It Clear And Specific: Your blog mission statement should be clear and specific.

Think Long Term: While writing your blog mission statement, try to make it long term. Although you need to review it regularly, making it long term help you to be focused.

Don’t Make It Limiting: Don’t let your blog mission statement limiting you. Think big.

Don’t Be Afraid To Change It: Your blog’s mission statement isn’t an unchangeable rule. You can adjust it along the journey.

Example Of Mission Statements

To inspire and help you to write a mission statement for your blog, I’ll show you some examples below.

Microsoft:Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

In the above discussion, I gave you four questions to ask to write your blog mission statement.

Let’s try to find the answer of above questions in Microsoft’s mission statement.

Purpose: Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Customer: Every person and every organization.

Problem: The problem is hidden here. But if you examine the mission statement, you’ll find the problem is “people and organization aren’t achieving more”.

The benefit: Empowering to achieve more.

Another example from Digital Photography school. If you don’t know, DPS is a blog founded by famous blogger Darren Rowse. He talked about the mission statement of DPS in one of his posts.

Let’s see the statement.

DPS: “My readers are camera owners (customer) who are not using their cameras to their potential (problem). Reading DPS will help them to gain creative control over their cameras (purpose and the benefit).”

Now let’s see my mission statement for this blog.

SB:My mission is to help my readers (Customer) to build a successful blogging business (the benefit and purpose) by eliminating blogging overwhelm (problem).”


Not writing a mission statement for your blog is a mistake. You can correct that mistake anytime.

So write one today.

It isn’t a difficult task. You just need to ask four questions yourself. Those are – The purpose of your blogging, your target readers, your readers’ problem and the solution of the problem.

To keep you focused and motivate yourself throughout your blogging journey, writing a blog mission statement is a must.

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