Blog commenting – how to do it properly to get huge blog traffic?

Blog commenting - how to do it properly to get huge blog traffic.

Blog commenting is not only increases your blog traffic but also opens doors to make connections with other bloggers.

When you read a post on someone’s blog, you may have an option to write a comment on that post. But, as a blogger, it is not just an option for you, it is a necessity.

As a reader, you can make any comment on a post. But, as a blogger, you need to do it properly.

So, how to comment on a blog properly that will not only increase your blog traffic but also increases authority and branding of your blog in the blogging world.

Blog Commenting – How to Do it Properly to get huge blog traffic?

Blog commenting isn’t a quick traffic getting scheme. It’ll increase your blog traffic overtime. You may get some backlinks to your blog through blog commenting. But that should not be an ultimate purpose of blog commenting. You should create value and authority through blog commenting. Another benefit of blog commenting is, you will be able to make a relationship with other influencer bloggers in your niche.

Which blog you should comment on?

This is the first thing. Commenting on any blogs will not give you much benefit. As a blogger, you need to select blogs related to your blog niche. The blogs can be in the same niche of your blog or related to your blog niche.

Suppose I write about “Make money blogging“. So, I can choose either make money blogging niche blog or the blogs which write about just money or just about blogging.

So, for selecting blogs to comment on, keep the following things in mind –

  • The blog should be directly or indirectly related to your blogging niche.
  • Blog should be authoritative
  • Blogs have a massive readership.

How to Write a Comment that creates value and authority?

See some example of comments below …

“Great post. Thanks for sharing.”
“Nice article. Keep it up”.

Although these types of comments will leave a positive impact, it will not give you much benefit.
So, how to write blog comment?

A perfect comment should have four elements –

  1. Proper introduction
  2. Discussion of the post
  3. Adding your point, and
  4. Closing the comment

1. Proper introduction: Don’t just start to discuss the post. You have to address the writer of the post properly.
To address the writer, don’t just say “Hi” or “Hello”. You should address “Hi John” or “Hello Ramesh”. If you address with the name of the writer, it will instantly attract the writer of the post. It will give him a warm feeling.
So, start your blog comment with proper introduction.

2. Discussion of the post: Of course, you should read the post before commenting. Get a point from the post to discuss, which you loved most or have some knowledge.
If you don’t want to discuss the point or nothing found to discuss, just praise the writer for sharing the point. It will ensure that you read the post.

3. Add your point: Add your personal opinion about the post. Or you can add something to the post from your personal point of view.

The best way to add your point is to answer the question which writer asked below the post. Writers often asked a question at the very bottom of the post.

4. Closing the comment: What to write in the closing of your blog comment?
It is nothing but praise the writer for sharing the post with you. If you are benefitted from the post, you can include that here. For example,

“Thanks for sharing the post. It increases my overall view of the topic.”

I know, as a blogger, you are always run short of time. You may be thinking, adding the above four elements is time-consuming. And you don’t have much spare time to write such a comment.

Believe me. It won’t take much time if you practice it for some time.

To make the things easy for you, I’m sharing my personal process of blog commenting in the below section.

How to make blog commenting process easy?

Blog commenting is a continuous process. It is not that you will sit down one day in front of your computer and write 1000 blog comments at a time. You have to do it every day. You need to separate at least half an hour to make 2 or 3 comments on other’s blog. Slow and steady process is the best policy.

In my case, I’ve subscribed to my favorite blogs on my mobile’s Feedly app (You can use feedly free). As I have a day job, in my tiffin hour, I just take my tiffin within 15 munites. And the rest 45 minutes, I spent on Feedly mobile app to go through my favorite blogs, one after another. If I find an interesting post, I just read the post thoroughly and make a comment on that.

Is not it an easy process?

You can try this. I found this process very useful. I’ve written a post on “How to Blog if You Have a Day Job?”. You may find that post useful to organize your blogging things if you have a day job.

Use your gravatar profile for blog commenting

Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar. The mechanism of gravatar is, you open a gravatar account using your email address. Where ever you go and use that email address, the gravatar profile will follow you.

Isnt it good to use same profile over and over again to build your blogging brand and authority?

When you make a comment on a blog, you’ll find a field to write your email address. Write the email address associated with your gravatar profile. That’s it, you will see your gravatar profile beside the comment you made.

Use your blog URL

When making a comment on a post, you’ll also see a field to write your website URL. It is simple, you just need to write your blog URL in that field during blog commenting.

One good trick is if you find a post to comment on and if you wrote a post before on the same topic on your blog, you should include that post’s URL in this website URL field. In this way, you may get some backlink on that single post in your blog.

What not to do on blog commenting

Don’t write short comments: One sentence comment is not going to give you anything. So, avoid those short comments. Such as “Great post, thanks for sharing”. If you want to write a short comment, write it in a meaningful way.

Don’t leave negative comments: When commenting on someone else’s blog, keep in mind that he/she worked hard to write the post. So, your negative comment can hurt him. If you disagree with any point of the post, just write it politely. So that it doesn’t hurt the writer of the post. Clearly explain, why you are disagreeing and add your own point.

Don’t write a comment without reading the post: You should discuss at least one point from the post in your comment. So, read the post thoroughly. So that you get the right point to discuss.

Don’t comment for the sake of SEO: Almost all authority blogs use nofollow attribute for their comment section. It won’t give you any SEO juice.

So don’t try to optimize your comment for the search engine. You should make comment for the people, not for the search engine. If you try to comment for the search engine, such as using links in a comment, use keywords in the name field, etc. it will make you a spammer.

At last, don’t comment on other blogs for the sake of blog commenting.


Okay, we have seen what not to do in blog commenting. Now, let’s see, what should do in blog commenting?


what to do in blog commenting?

Use your real name: You are trying to make connection and authority through blog commenting. Right? So, use your real name instead of false name in the name field of the comment section.

Write long comment: Try to write 2 – 3 paragraph long comment.

Be polite: During commenting, always be polite. Don’t dispute with your comment.


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