How to Choose Best Web Hosting For a New Blog?

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting for Your New Blog

How to Choose Best Web Hosting For a New Blog?

If you search online “how to choose the best web hosting” or “which is the best web hosting”, you’ll find a ton of negative or positive information which can easily fill several libraries.

Some suggest a hosting service provider as good and some others are saying bad about the same providers.

Some say what to look for in a hosting service provider, some other saying what not to look for.

When I wanted to migrate my blog from blogger to self-hosted WordPress blogging platform, I searched this topic online. The information and tips I’d got online were just overwhelming. And I finally couldn’t decide which web hosting I should choose for my new blog.

When I somehow choose a web hosting service provider, I found that there are many hosting plans to choose from. Again I got stuck – which hosting plan is right for me as a beginner.

You can pass your whole life researching and choosing the best web hosting service provider for your new blog. Or, you can choose any one and start your blogging journey.

In both cases, that won’t be wise. You need to make sure, the hosting service provider you chose meets your needs.

When we want to host our blog, we normally have some requirements.

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What Beginners Look For in a Web Hosting Service Provider

When I was looking for a web hosting service provider for my blog, I had the following things in my mind.

Cheap Hosting: There are many high priced and low priced web hosting available online. When we are just starting our new blog, we normally look for a cheap web hosting.

This was my first priority as I didn’t have much budget for hosting my blog.

Flexible Payment Plan: Some web hosting service providers give you an option to pay monthly.

Some providers don’t have monthly payment options. If you want to buy hosting space from them you need to pay for one year hosting in advance.

When I decided to move my blog on self-hosted WordPress blogging platform, I wanted to host my blog on Bluehost. That was my first choice. But when I checked their plan, I didn’t find a monthly payment plan. At that time, I didn’t have much budget to buy a hosting plan for one year. So, I hosted my blog on Hostgator for the first time.

Payment Method: Web hosting providers normally accept different payment types. Some of them are Paypal, Credit card, Check or money order, etc.

Although I have a Paypal account, I don’t have much money in that account. The worst thing is that I wasn’t able to credit money to that account from Bangladesh. Because Paypal isn’t supported in Bangladesh.

I asked a friend who lives in Dubai to credit some money from his credit card to my Paypal account. And thus I had been able to buy web hosting from Hostgator.

So, when you are buying web hosting for your new blog, make sure you have access to the payment methods offering by the hosting provider.

These are the things I had in my mind when I wanted to migrate my blog from blogger to self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

At that point, I didn’t know much about web hosting. So, I searched on google to find out the best web hosting service provider for my blog. The posts and information I found were just overwhelming. After passing several hours in two-three days, I even couldn’t decide which web hosting is best and which one I should select.

But, online research helped me to figure out some things. I had been able to understand the hosting needs for my blog. Not all the blogs need the same web hosting. What requires for a well-trafficked blog doesn’t necessarily require for a new blog.

At that point, I wanted to have the following things in a web hosting for my blog.

What are The Things You Actually Need for Hosting Your New Blog?

Based on my research, I’ve listed some things which I wanted to have in a web hosting service provider. Those things are –

1. Easy to Handle Technical Things

I wasn’t a techy guy. I’m still not.

So, I was looking for a web host which has an easy to handle technical things.

At that moment, I was just earning a little money from Google Adsense to pay the monthly web hosting bill, but I didn’t have a budget to hire someone to handle the web hosting related technical things.

So, if you aren’t a techy guy like me, look for a web host which you can handle yourself.

2. Helpful Customer Support Team

As I wanted to handle all the technical hosting things myself, I was looking for a web host which has a dedicated team to support me if I’m stuck at any point.

As I’m not a native English speaker, so, I was also looking for different communication ways. So that I can send them an email or chat with them. I just didn’t want to have communications over the phone.

3. Reliable Server Uptime

Most of the complains I found during my research is that the server uptime isn’t good for many web hosting service providers.

If someone wants to visit my blog and that doesn’t load, that is just ridiculous. I want my blog loads all the time when someone visits my sites.

But I didn’t find any tool to check server uptime before hosting my blog. After hosting a blog you can check that using Pingdom and uptime robot.

4. Room to Grow

As your blog is new and doesn’t get much traffic now, you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth.

You can choose a low priced shared hosting plan.

But once your blog starts to grow and get more traffic, you may need to upgrade your hosting package.

So, you need to make sure, your chosen web hosting service provider has an option to upgrade your hosting plan.

5. Email Hosting Availability

When I was looking for a best hosting service provider for my new blog, I was also looking for a service that is email hosting.

Email hosting gives you an opportunity to make your blog branding. That is you can use “” as your email instead of

It looks more professional and helps to brand a blog.

So, these are the things we actually look for when we want to host our new blog.

Based on these requirements let’s see which web hosting service providers are best for a new blog.

Best Web Hosting Service Provides for a New Blog

When I was making a list of best hosting service providers, I found many negative and positive comments about web hosting service providers I have listed.

If you search online you’ll also get both negative and positive comments about any web hosting service provider.

This thing troubled me a lot. I then visit my favorite blogs to know about their hosting. I finally listed two hosting service providers for my blog.


This was on the top of my list. But unfortunately, I couldn’t host my blog in Bluehost. Because I didn’t have a budget for buying a one-year hosting plan. They don’t have the monthly subscription plan.

Later when I started earning from my blog and had enough money to buy the yearly hosting plan, I transferred my blog to Bluehost from Hostgator.

If you have enough budget, then this is the best web hosting service provider for a new blog. And I strongly recommend Bluehost.

Bluehost has different types of hosting. Such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting.

For your new blog, you don’t need to think about other types of hosting rather than the Shared hosting. Shared hosting is the best choice for a new blog.

Under the shared hosting, Bluehost has three plans – basic, plus and premium.

For a new blog, I strongly recommend the Plus Plan. But if you are on a tight budget, you should go for the basic plan.

In the basic plan, you can only host one blog. In plus plan, you can host unlimited blogs. It is the reason I recommend Bluehost’s plus plan. So that, if you want to start another blog later, you won’t have to worry about buying or upgrading your hosting plan.

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Whichever Hosting plan you choose no matter, you always have options to upgrade your hosting.

Buy hosting plan from Bluehost with discounted price and one free domain


Hostgator was in the 2nd position of my list. Due to the budget shortage for buying a one-year subscription from Bluehost, I needed to host my blog on Hostgator for the first time. I’ve used Hostgator for one and half year.

After using Hostgator, I can now strongly say that it’s one of the best web hosting service providers for a new blog.

One good thing about Hostgator is that you can pay monthly basis.

Hostgator has following types of hosting plan –

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

As we are talking about best web hosting for a new blog, then shared hosting is best.

Hostgator shared hosting offers three subscription plans – hatchling, baby and business.

Hatchling: This shared hosting plan is good for a new blog. If you have only one blog and don’t have a plan to start another near future then this hosting plan is good for you. You can install one blog with low website traffic in this hosting plan. The price of this plan is $2.75 per month.

Baby plan: The baby plan is what I first started my blog with. If you go for Hostgator hosting, I strongly recommend this plan for you.  You can host unlimited blogs in this plan which cost you $3.95 per month.

Business plan: In the business plan, you’ll get all the feature of the baby plan along with other amazing features like free dedicated IP, upgrade to positive SSL, free SEO tools worth $50/year. You’ll get all of these in just $5.95 per month.

A good thing is that all of the shared web hosting plans of Hostgator is included a free SSL certificate. which you may need to pay for in other web hosting service providers.

So, it’ll be the good decision to buy a web hosting plan from Hostgator for your new blog.

Click here to host your blog on HostGator.


Because of the various negative and positive comments all over the online, it’s really difficult for a beginner to choose the best web hosting service provider.

I know that. Because I was there.

If you ask me to recommend one hosting service provider for your new blog, I must say you should go with Bluehost.

For any reason, if you don’t want to host your blog on Bluehost, then the best web hosting service provider for a new blog is Hostgator.

I’m now hosting this blog on Godaddy to check their server quality. If I’m satisfied with them, I’ll recommend this hosting in this post. Because it’s the cheapest web hosting service provider.

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Which web hosting provider do you trust more? Please share in the comments below…

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