Beginner Guide to Make Money Blogging

Beginner Guide to make money blogging

“Make Money Blogging isn’t Hard”

There are some folks among the blogger communities.

Some say,

Blogging is hard. You have to work day and night to be successful in blogging”.

Some others say,

Blogging is easy. They only work three hours a day and make living blogging”.

All of these are true. It is hard for some and it is easy for some others.

If you do the things in the right way then blogging is easy for you.

And if don’t do the things in the right way then it is hard for you.

This is one of the top reasons that some are successful in blogging and some are not.

In this post, I’ll show you how to do blogging in the right way to make money blogging in a short possible time.

I created this blog (sharpblogger .com) with the aim of making money blogging while helping you to do so.

Don’t get me wrong. I know, blogging shouldn’t be done for making money. Blogging should be done for solving someone’s problem or helping others somehow.

If you do it in the right way then money will automatically flow.

Before starting your successful blogging journey you need to find your blogging purpose.

What should be your blogging purpose?

Your blogging purpose should be something meaningful, something that people want.

Once I’ve come to a blog that is created by a group of university friends. They just chat on that blog with each other. There is nothing meaningful. They just talk to each other on various topics. The blog doesn’t solve any problems. The blog doesn’t entertain people. I didn’t find any reason to read that blog.

But that blog is useful to that group of friends. They discuss their research topic on that blog. Even though the blog is written in an international language I didn’t get the point that they are discussing about.

That type of blog is not meaningful to people like you and me. Why they opened the blog publicly I don’t know.

If you want to blog for the money you have to find your blogging purpose.

So, define your blogging purpose first.

Ask the following questions to yourself.

How do you want to serve your readers?

How do you solve your reader’s problem?

How people can be benefited from your blog?

If you want to make money blogging, keep in mind that your focus should not be on the money. Your focus should on your readers. Your focus should be on solving your reader’s problem. If your readers love you and if your readers find your blog useful then money will automatically flow.

So don’t worry about money, focus on your readers first.

After defining your blogging purpose now choose your blogging subject that is called a niche.

What is a niche?

You can share your knowledge about everything on your blog. That is not a niche blog. Niche is a particular topic which you want to write about on your blog.

If you want to make money blogging then you have to write about a particular topic on your blog, not about everything.

What niche should you choose for blogging?

Although there are some profitable niches for blogging I’ll suggest to choose something that interests you. If you choose a niche that doesn’t interest you, you’ll lose your passion for blogging.

Just Make sure, you can constantly write about your chosen topic for a long time.

What qualification do you need to make money blogging?

Nothing. You don’t need to have any qualifications or any experience to make money blogging.

Have I said that?

Yes. You need nothing.

But you should have some qualities to make money blogging. Those are,

  • Eager to learn
  • Willing to do hard work
  • A desire for success, and
  • Willing to make connections with real people.

If you have those qualities with a bit patience I assure you, you’ll be successful to make money blogging.

What do you think? Is it for you?

If your answer is yes then let’s start a blog.

How to start a blog easily?

If you want to make money blogging then you have to consider your blog as a business. And every business needs to invest money. But blogging doesn’t require much money to invest.

You can start your blog without any cost. There are many blogging platforms like, etc. where you can start your blogging journey free.

But if you want to make money blogging, I wouldn’t recommend those blogging platform for starting your blogging journey.

For professionally start your blogging journey you need to invest some money on things like domain, hosting, and blog theme, etc.

So let’s first see what you need to start your first blog professionally.

Things required to start a blog for the first time

You’ll need the following things to start a blog professionally for the first time.

  • A Domain (cost: as much as 12$ a year).
  • Hosting ( cost: as much as 36$ a year).
  • Self-hosted blogging platform like (free).
  • WordPress theme (free or paid).

What is the domain?

A domain is an address for your blog. For example, the domain for this blog is ““.

To understand these types of blogging jargon like domain, hosting, WordPress, etc. read the following post.

What is a blog?

Where to buy a domain for your blog?

Two popular domain service providers are Namecheap and GoDaddy. You can buy your domain as much as 12$ per year. Some hosting service providers also give you a free domain when you sign up for a hosting account.

When you want o buy a domain for your blog read the following post for choosing your domain name.

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog?

What is hosting?

In simple words, hosting is a server space that you buy from a third-party hosting service provider to host your blog on that server.

You can buy hosting space as low as 3$ for a month.

Where to buy hosting for your blog?

Two of the most popular hosting service providers are HostGator and BlueHost. You can buy hosting space from them for your blog.

After buying hosting you need to install blogging software. Blogging software is a platform to run your blog online.

What is a blogging platform?

A blogging platform is a service or software which runs your blog online. There are two types of blogging platform hosted and self-hosted. To know more about the difference between hosted and self-hosted blogging platforms read the following post.

Difference between hosted and self-hosted blogging platforms.

If you want to blog professionally and make money blogging then you should rely on self-hosted blogging platforms. “” is one of the most popular self-hosted blogging platform.

How do you set up WordPress on your hosting account?

You needn’t worry about setting up WordPress on your hosting account. You don’t have to be a techy guy. Setting up WordPress is easy.

Most of the hosting service provider companies will give you a one-click WordPress installation option to install WordPress on your hosting account. Just click on the one-click WordPress installation button, they’ll walk you through the installation process.

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After installing WordPress in your hosting account you need to do some initial setup on your WordPress dashboard. Read the following post to know how to set up your WordPress after installation.

Essential WordPress Setting after install

What is a WordPress theme?

WordPress theme is a showcase for your blog. WordPress theme is a decoration for your WordPress blog.

How do you want to display your blog online?

WordPress theme is the answer to the above question. It gives you an ability to show your WordPress blog online how you want to show it.

The default WordPress themes which come with the installation package are not that much professional to start your blogging journey.

But I don’t suggest you buy a professionally designed WordPress theme as a new blogger. You’ll get many professionally designed WordPress theme free in the WordPress theme directory.

You can change your theme later. When you’ll start earning money from your blog then you can buy a professionally designed theme from Studiopress.

Okay, you have just completed the first step to make money blogging.

Now you can launch your blog online. But before launching your blog online I want you to read the following post.

Things to Do Before Launching Your Blog Online

Your actual journey of making money blogging will start from here.

How to make money blogging?

For making money blogging you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Creating useful contents
  2. Getting readers to your blog
  3. Building your blogging brand
  4. Building relationships with your readers
  5. Networking with other bloggers, and
  6. Monetizing your blog

I’ll describe every step in detail. So that you can understand what to do and what not to do in every step.

So, let’s travel through every step of making money blogging.

1. Creating useful contents for your readers

Your blog is not a newspaper. In a newspaper, you can write about anything. But in your blog, you are limited to a specific topic. You have to constantly create content around that topic which your readers are hungry to read.

But don’t worry. Creating content constantly around a topic isn’t difficult.

Once I come up with a blog which is about a hairdryer. The editor of the blog constantly writes about hair-dryer.

Can you imagine how long you can write about a thing like a hairdryer! But she is constantly writing about that.

That’s creativity. And that’s the beauty of a blog.

But don’t worry much about creating content. Once you start creating content the idea will flow automatically. Just start.

In my opinion, creating content should not be difficult.

You don’t have to be a genius for creating content.

So, how do you create content?

  • Write your message just what you want to say.
  • Just write as you talk with your friends.
  • Use simple words in your post.
  • Use simple sentences.
  • Make a schedule for post publishing.

2. Getting readers to your blog

Readers won’t come to you. You have to invite them to come to your blog. How will you do that?

How to get readers to your blog?

For getting readers to your new blog, you need to do the following things:

  • Optimize your blog for search engine
  • Making your post SEO friendly
  • Submit your blog to search engines
  • Submit your blog to directories
  • Participate in related forums
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Publish your post on other blogs as a guest post

Optimize your blog for search engine

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a mechanism that helps your blog and blog posts to be found by search engines.

If you want to find answers to any question online what you do? You just type your topic into the browser’s search bar and hit enter or search button. And then a search engine finds out results for your search topic.

This is the mechanism of SEO.

Don’t be overwhelmed with SEO. As a beginner blogger, you don’t have to give much effort into SEO.

What I believe is that if you create useful content search engines somehow find you out. Because it is a search engine’s duty to find out the most related result of your search topic. If someone searches a topic that is mostly related to your subject then search engines must show you in their result.

So don’t worry about SEO.

Nevertheless, you should help search engines to find you out as early as possible.

When it comes to overall blog SEO then you need not do anything as you are using the WordPress blogging platform.

In my many posts, I wrote that if you want to make money blogging then you should rely on the WordPress blogging platform.

If you use the Genesis WordPress theme from Studiopress then you can completely forget about blog SEO. Because it is super optimized for SEO.

However, Read the following post to set up your WordPress blog. It’ll help your blog to be crawled by search engines.

Essential WordPress Setting after Installing

Make your post SEO friendly

The ultimate purpose of SEO is getting readers to read your post.

Ask the following questions to yourself –

Do you enjoy reading textbooks?

I don’t. I don’t enjoy reading textbooks. I think most of you don’t.

Because textbooks are written that way. There isn’t fun in the textbook.

There is no enjoyment in textbooks. They are super informative. They just give you information. They just give you data. But they don’t just give it in a fun way.

That’s the reason we don’t enjoy reading textbooks.

But do you enjoy reading novels?

Yes, of course. Most of us enjoy reading novels.

Because there is a story. They are fun to read. They are engaging.

When it comes to SEO for your blog post, apply these in your post. Make your post fun to read, enjoyable, and engaging.

If you do that properly your readers will remember you, they’ll come to your blog again and again.

How will you do that?

Keeping your readers in mind you can make your post SEO friendly by applying following the rules below –

  • Research keyword
  • Write compelling headline
  • Write engaging introduction
  • Clearly describe your message
  • Write thought-provoking conclusion
  • Use image inside the post
  • interlinks you posts

Let’s discuss a bit about each point.

Research keyword

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a phrase of words that we type in the search bar of Google to find something on the web.

Why you should research keywords?

Suppose you decided to write about “earn with a blog”. But what if your readers search this on the web using the term “make money blogging”.

Both of the keywords mean the same thing. But if you use the keyword phrase “earn with a blog” in your post then it will reach fewer readers. If you use the keyword phrase “make money blogging” in your post then it’ll reach more readers.

So keyword research is important before you start writing a post.

Don’t be frustrated. It’s nothing but find the word that your readers use to find your post.

So, how would you find the keyword that your readers use in the search bar?

You can use Google’s keyword planner which is a popular free keyword research tool.

Write compelling headline

The first step to get your readers to read your post is writing a compelling headline for your post.

To write compelling headline just keep the following tips in your mind –

  • Use why, how, when, and where, in the beginning of your headlines. Such as “why you should do that?’ How to do that? When to know something? where to buy something? etc.
  • Use numbers at the beginning of your post. Such as “101 ideas to do something”, “7 tips to buy something”, etc.
  • Use adjectives in your post. Such as “good reasons to make friends“, “worst thing to do in the home“, etc.
Write engaging introduction

Post introduction should be something that forces your readers to read the entire post.

Also, you need to give an idea about your post in the introduction. So that your readers can understand what they are going to read the post.

Clearly describe your message

In the post body, describe your message clearly what you want to say.

What you need to write in the post body?

  • Clearly explain your message
  • Answer all questions your readers may have.
  • Show stat to prove your point
  • Show related data from a reliable source
Write thought-provoking conclusion

I always find it difficult. Writing post conclusion always take time for me.

So I outlined that this way.

  • I try to write a summary of the post in conclusion
  • I write What I want to recommend to my readers from the post.
  • I ask my readers what I couldn’t answer in the post body.
  • At least I suggest to my readers what to do next.
Use image inside the post

All we know a proverb. That is,

“An image says more than a thousand words”.

So include an image in your post.

When you upload an image to your post do the following –

  • Compress the image before uploading it. It’ll increase the page load time which is good for SEO. To compress the image you can use free online tool Tinypng
  • Use a bright and eye-catching image.
  • If you aren’t a professional photographer use stock images from online. You can use Pixabay to find free stock images.
Interlink your post

Interlink your posts on your blog. It’ll help to increase the blog’s search ranking.

How to interlink your post?

Suppose you are writing a post “how to use Twitter effectively for blog promotion”. But you are not going to write “how to open a twitter account”.

So if you’ve written a post about opening twitter account before you can link that post from the post you are currently writing.

That is interlinking. It also helps search engines to crawl posts from your blog.

Read More: How To Interlink Blog Posts To Increase Reader Engagements?

Submit your blog to search engine

It is now not a secret that the more readers you get the more you can make money blogging.

When it comes to getting readers you can’t ignore search engines.

Read the following post to submit your blog to major search engines.

How to submit your blog to major search engines.

Submit your blog to directories

When search engines crawl your blog they also count how many incoming links your blog has. The more incoming link your blog has the more search engines give value to your blog.

Submitting your blog to various directories increase potentiality to get more incoming links to your blog.

So, submit your blog to various directories. You’ll find various quality directories if you search on google.

Make a list of directories and submit your blog one by one.

Participate in related forums

It is also a good source for getting readers. Just type your “blog niche + forum” in Google search bar. you’ll get many forums to participate in increasing your blog traffic.

Comment on other blogs

One of the top ways to get readers to your blog is by commenting on other blogs.

Constantly comment on other related blogs to your niche. Not only you’ll get more reader but also it will open the door in front of you to make connections with other bloggers in your niche. And making connections are very important to make money blogging.

Publish your post on other blogs as a guest blogger

You can’t imagine how beneficial it is!

If you ask popular bloggers to suggest you only one way for getting more readers to your blog almost all popular bloggers will suggest you publish guest posts on other blogs.

As a new blogger, most of us think that guest posts need not be quality content.

But you don’t do this. Try to publish your best of the best post as a guest post. It’ll increase your credibility and readers will trust you and come to your blog willingly.

3. Build your blogging brand

Building a brand is essential for any business.

Many of us think that branding is nothing. But I must say branding is something for any business.

If you look at any well-established business then you will see they have a brand.

Let me clear this what is a brand?

As you know I am a civil engineer. I’m now working on a developer company. If I look at any project of the company from a far distance I can say that is the company’s project without getting close to the project.

How can I say this? Because I know their color. I know their work style. I know their shuttering materials which they used to construct a building.

So if you can create your blogging brand your readers will recognize you without reading your blog title, without seeing your blog address.

This is the brand.

So how can you create your blogging brand?

For creating your blogging brand you need to do the following things:

  • Make a blog logo
  • Select color schemes for your blog
  • Define a tagline for your blog
  • Use favicon

Blog logo: Make a logo for branding your blog. For making a logo, you can hire someone or you can create your logo yourself.

As a beginner blogger, I don’t recommend you to hire someone to make your logo. Because it’ll cost you money.

For making your blog logo yourself you can use the following tools –

  • Photoshop
  • GIMP (free photo editing software)
  • Canva (online photo editing software)

If you have a little budget for making your logo then you can try on Fiverr, which is a 5$ marketplace. But I can’t assure you that you’ll get a professional logo here in Fiverr. After all you are getting your logo just for five dollars.

Color scheme: Select a color scheme for your blog. Constantly use those colors where your blog involves. Use these colors everywhere on your blog.

Define your blog Tagline: Tagline plays a huge role in your blog branding. Suppose the tagline of SharpBlogger is “Together we make money blogging”. I’m constantly working to make this tagline a brand for this blog.

So, define a tagline for your blog which clearly expresses your blogging purpose, mission, and vision.

Use Favicon:  Favicon is a small icon that we always see in the address bar of the browser when we open any blog or website.

Create and upload a Favicon to your blog. It’ll increase your blogging brand.

4. Build relationships with your readers

Building relationships with readers is the most important part of making money blogging.

Think it this way. If we trust someone to buy from then we go to him again and again.

This also works on blogging business. If your readers trust you then they will buy from you.

And if you don’t make relationships with your readers then they won’t trust you.

So build relationships with your readers.

How can you make a relationship with your readers?

To make relationships with someone you have to engage with them.

Do the followings to engage with your readers:

  • Reply to your readers
  • Help them to overcome obstacles
  • Give something valuable free
  • Participate in social networks
  • Collect their email

Reply to your readers: When your readers make comments in any of your posts, reply to them. You don’t always have to write in reply. When your reader gives thanks for your post you can just post a smiling emoji in reply to that.

It is not just that you reply to your readers. It is that you are caring for your readers.

In this way, your readers will feel that you care for them. And they will advance to make a relationship with you.

Help them to overcome obstacles: I strongly believe that no business can be established without the mentality of helping others.

If your readers are stuck somewhere else you should help them to overcome their obstacle even before they ask for help.

In this way, your readers will feel you. And they’ll trust you.

Give something valuable free: I don’t know what your blog niche. Whatever your niche, after all, you are blogging to help your readers to find something valuable.

So, create a valuable guide like the one you are reading now and give it free to your readers. Place the guide in a way so that your reader can find that easily.

Participate in social networks: Your blog definitely has social media involvement. If not, create accounts on Facebook, twitter, google+.

Creating social accounts and being in social as a blogger is important. Because it gives your readers a platform to be engaged with you.

Read the following post:

How to create a Facebook page for blog promotion?

How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Blog?

How to use Twitter effectively for your blog promotion?

Collect your reader’s email: Email is the best way to communicate with your readers. So collect the emails from your readers.

You can give away useful books free to collect their email.

If you have your reader’s email you can engage with them whenever you want.

5. Networking with other bloggers

In the real world, you’ll find competitors in every business, who will directly compete with you.

But in the blogging business, your competitor is your friend. Your competitor will help you to be successful in your blogging business. Because that will also help their business to grow.

That is the beauty of blogging business.

So try to network with other bloggers in your niche. It is important to make money blogging.

6. Monetize your blog

We’ve come to the last part of this make money blogging guide.

And the last part is monetizing your blog.

You’ve created useful content, you’ve got readers to your blog, you’ve built your blogging brand, you’ve made relationships with your readers, you’ve built a network with other bloggers.

Now it’s time to make money. That is monetizing your blog so that you can make money blogging.

But monetizing a blog isn’t the last part of your make money blogging journey.

I recommend you to monetize your blog as early as possible.

To know the way of monetizing your blog read the following post:

Proven ways to make money blogging.

If you follow the techniques I shared in this guide, I assure you, you will be successful to make money blogging.

What next?

Have you stuck anywhere on your make money blogging journey? I’m here to help you.

You can connect me on