10 Things to do after publishing a blog post

10 Things to Do After Publishing a Blog Post

10 Things to do after publishing a blog post

One of our most desired things is, as a blogger, to hit on the publish button.

Because creating a valuable post and publishing it on a blog to help our readers is really exciting and satisfactory.

But, clicking on the publish button and moving to write the next post will take your blog nowhere.

You have to do some works after publishing a post. So that you can get maximum benefits from that single post. And also make sure, your post is reaching all the potential readers.

So, what are the things we actually need to do after publishing a blog post?

In this post, I’ll share a list of things I consistently do once my post goes live.

10 Things to Do After Publishing a Blog Post

You can make your own list based on the things I do. I call it “After Post Publishing Checklist”.

So, let’s see what should be done after publishing a blog post.

1. Read the Post Once Published

I know, you have proofread your blog post before hitting on the publish button.

But after publishing the post you should read the post once again. Because there must be something you didn’t notice during proofreading.

After publishing the post if you read that again, you will be able to eliminate some unwanted things.

What I do – I actually schedule my post before the publishing date. And, I know when the post will be on live.

As soon as the post goes live, I just type my blog URL into my browser and read the post thoroughly.

If I get anything wrong, I just edit the post going to my WordPress post editor.

So, you should be the 1st one to read your published post. After all, you want to give your readers the best.

2. Link Your New Post From Old Posts

After eliminating errors from your newly published post, the next step is to link the post from your old blog posts.

It will make the best user experience for your readers as well as it will also help your blog in term of SEO.

What I do – I just type the main keyword of the new post in the search box on my blog and hit enter. Doing this shows me the all related post on my blog.

I just scroll through the first five posts from the search result and put the link to the new post within those posts where it fits best.

I also do one more thing. This is my secret technique to link-within posts.

During writing a post, I come up with several post ideas. I just keep notes of those ideas to write posts later.

When I publish posts on those ideas, I come back to the post and link that post from there.

What you need to do is,

Open a new sheet in Google sheets and name it “Idea generator”. You can use any spreadsheet application – for example, MS Excel.

During writing a blog post, if you get any post idea that should be linked to from the post you are currently writing, take a note about this on the “Idea Generator” doc.

For example, during writing this post, I got a post idea that is “how to link-within posts”.

Now I will just go to my “Idea generator” sheet and take note of this. It will look something like this:

Idea Generator Sheet

You can try this technique. It will help you to be more organize and you won’t run short of blog post ideas.

3. Send Email to Your Subscribers

You blog’s newsletter subscribers are the most important asset to you. Everything you create, your email subscribers should be your first priority to get your creation.

You don’t have to send email to your subscribers manually. You can automate this process.

If your blog is new and has less than 2000 subscribers, you can sign-up with MailChimp free to automate the email sending.

MailChimp is a professional email service provider which is free up to first 2000 subscribers. No other email service provider gives this facility to new bloggers. It is unique.

Read more: How to Create Email Opt-In with MailChimp?

 4. Save Your Newly Published Post to Pinterest

Pinterest is called “Visual Search Engine“. It can be a great source for your blog traffic. This is the top channel who sends me the most traffic.

What I do I created a blog specific board on Pinterest and name it as my blog name. Whenever my post goes online, I just visit the post on my blog and pin it to my blog specific board on Pinterest.

I then visit my Pinterest business profile and go to my blog-specific board.

From there, I pin the newly saved pin to all the related boards on my Pinterest business profile.

Read More:

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 5. Tweet Your New Post

It is said that 20% of the time should be spent on writing posts and 80% of the time on promoting that post.

All successful bloggers promote their post like crazy. You should too.

Although your blog should be present on all social media channels you should focus on one specific channel which works best for you.

So, your blog should have a presence on Twitter too.

What I doI schedule my post in Buffer. You can use it for free.

One problem with buffer’s free account is, you can’t schedule more than ten posts on Buffer. But it is enough for new bloggers.

Social media experts recommend tweeting two-three times a day. So, you can schedule your new post for several days along with your old post.


How to Create a Twitter Profile for Blog promotion

Practical Tips to Use Twitter Effectively to Promote Your Blog

 6. Post to Your blog’s Facebook Page

If you don’t create your blog’s Facebook page yet, you can read my post “How to Create a Facebook Page for Blog Promotion”.

You should not post on a Facebook page more than once in a day.

So, whenever you publish a new post, publish that on your blog’s Facebook page. No other post should be posted for the day.

If you are using the WordPress blogging platform, you can automate this process using plugins.

What I do – I automate Facebook posting for the new post using a plugin.

For the rest of the week, I schedule my old posts using Facebook page scheduler.

 7. Participate in Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups created by bloggers for the aim to help each other.

You can join those Facebook groups to take advantage.

Each Facebook group has its own specific rules. Some Facebook groups offer you to promote your new post.

Every week you will get this opportunity to promote your new post. They also set some rules to follow if you want to promote your new post.

Don’t be scared. These rules are set to help each other. The rules are something like –

Facebook group rules for bloggers

If you share your new post there, you need to participate with other five bloggers who share their link on the thread.

In this way, your pageview will increase and you’ll get some comments on your new post.

What I do I joined a few Facebook groups. Every day I check those Facebook groups if there is any thread published to share a blog post.

Whenever I get a thread, I just share my new post in comments under the thread.

I then participate with other bloggers as ruled by the admin of the group.

This is very important. You should follow the rules. Otherwise, you will be banned from the group.

More than that, we are participating in the group to help each other. So strictly follow the rules. So that we can be benefited from each other.

 8. Reply to comments

As a new blogger, having few comments on your post will look authoritative and it will also increase trust among your readers. So, having comments on posts is really important.

If you promote your post in the Facebook groups properly, it will definitely help you to get some comments on your new post.

But one mistake new bloggers often do is that they don’t reply to the comments they get in their post.

Imagine, if you get five comments on your post and reply to them all then your post will have ten comments.

Having ten comments on a post as a new blogger is really awesome.

I know, you are busy. You think that replying to comments will take time. But you worked hard to write and publish a post. If readers love your post and make a comment why don’t you give some love back to them!

It won’t take your whole day to give your readers just a thank for commenting on your post. Believe me, your readers will love this and you will gain their trust over time.

What I do – when my readers make comments on my blog, I get an email notification. When I check my email (I do it once a day) and see that someone makes a comment, I just go to my WordPress dashboard and reply to them.

Here I want to say a thing. That is, as I checked my email once a day, so it takes some time to reply to my readers.  I apologize to my readers for this.

 9. Participate in Question-Answering Site or Forum

Question-answering sites or forums can be a great place to market your blog if you can do it properly.

What I do – I use Quora for promoting my blog. Quora is a highly authoritative question-answering site.

Whenever I publish a new post, I just go to quora and search for related question based on my post topic.

Once I found a related question, I just write a personalized answer for that and link back to my post.

Quora not only helps you get blog traffic, but it will also help you to boost your blog SEO.

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There are many forums or question answering sites available on the web. You have to figure out which works best for you.

 10. Write Social Blurb

This is my productivity tip which I always do after publishing a post.

As you know, after publishing a post we need to promote the post on many Social media. But sharing just a post link in social media is not good enough from the marketing perspective.

What I do – I shared in this post that the first thing I do is, read my post after publishing it. At the time of reading the post, I just take a quote from the post which, I think, my readers will love to read.

I just copy the quote and paste into a Google spreadsheet.

I created a Google spreadsheet named “published posts“.

In the spreadsheet, I created four columns and named those as post no, post title, published date, and social blurb.

In the social blurb column, I just paste the quote which I copied during reading the post after publishing.

I also make a shortened URL of the post which goes along with social blurb.

Whenever you want to promote your post on social media, you just need to copy the social blurb from the spreadsheet and paste into your social scheduling tool.

This technique will save you a lot of time during promoting your post on social media. Just try it.


If you do nothing else but the things I shared in this post, your blog will still grow.

Your blogging success will mostly depend on the thing you do over and over again, even it is small.

So, do the things I shared in this post every time you publish your new post. To make the things easy for you, I’ve made a checklist – “Ultimate Blog post Checklist (Item#2)”. You can download that by clicking on the link.

Please Participate

Do you want to add anything else to this “after post publishing checklist”? Please share in the comments below. It will be beneficial for me as well as for my readers too.

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    1. This is really true, Cristina.

      As bloggers, we have many things to do.

      But we need to understand the importance of things. And set up a newsletter is very much important for list building. You need to make time for set up a newsletter for your blog.

  1. Really useful advice and tips. I do most of those already but I’m going to take onboard what you said about Pinterest too as it’s angreat idea pinning from your business account.

  2. awesome post..i usually checks the readability and grammar mistake before publishing the article…but these tips are really good to follow.. I would love to check all these thing before publising my content..thanks for sharing…!

  3. Hi Liton,

    Great article, really love it. All steps are written in the good explanation with the best info.
    I love to share my article on social media after write-up of a new article.
    Thank you for sharing a nice post!
    Ashutosh Singh

  4. Hi, this is quite interesting. What caught my eye is “Quora”. Having understood what it’s all about, am gonna join it.

    Count me as your new fan.

  5. Very nice well written helpful article Liton.

    I don’t use WordPress to create my websites, I code them from scratch. I always find errors after I upload my article to the FTP of my server. After I re code them to make them look how I want them to, I share them on my Facebook page of the same name as my website.

    Then I share it to other Facebook pages in the same niche to increase visitors to my Facebook page which in turn brings more traffic to my website.

    I discovered new ideas reading this article, then I saw there were comments from 2017. I believe the tips in this rehashed article still hold true in 2019.

    Thanks for the tips, I found the Pinterest ones most helpful.

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