Beginner Guide to Add and Use Widgets in WordPress

How to add and use widgets in WordPress


Beginners may find it difficult to add and use widgets in WordPress. In this post, I will show you how to add and use widgets in WordPress.

My aim is to help you start a blog and make money blogging. I’m constantly sharing the things which you need to be successful in blogging.

I said in my many posts that if you want to be successful in blogging, you should start your blog on self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

You don’t have to be an expert to use WordPress. You just need to know some basic things. And, I’m constantly sharing the basic things to make you able to use WordPress for your blog.

Once you start using it, you will be an expert some day.

So, not knowing how to use WordPress can’t be a reason for not starting a blog.

Come to the point now.


What are Widgets in WordPress?

WordPress widgets are tiny blocks that you can add to your blog’s sidebar or footer or any other places to increase the functionality of your WordPress theme.

For example, if you want to show your popular posts in your blog’s sidebar, you can do it by adding a widget.

In fact, once you start to use WordPress, you’ll be a fan of widgets.


Why you need to use widgets in WordPress?

As a beginner, you may not want to hire a designer to add many dynamic things to your blog.

You can add those dynamic things to your blog using widgets without having any coding knowledge. This is the beauty of WordPress blogging platform.

Then, where will you find those widgets to add to your blog?


Where to Find Widgets?

Some widgets come as default with WordPress installation package.

Some come with the WordPress theme you install and you can add many others by installing plugins.

To find available widgets login to your WordPress admin area. Then go to “Appearance >Widgets”. Here, you’ll see all the available widgets listed.

if you don’t find your desired widgets in the list, you can add them by installing plugins.

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How to Add Widgets to Your WordPress Blog?

For adding widgets to your blog, you have to have widgets ready area in your WordPress theme.

Some common widgets ready areas which normally come along with WordPress themes are Sidebar and Footer. But some WordPress themes have the more widgets ready area where you can add widgets.

But, if you have coding knowledge, you can create widgets area anywhere in your WordPress theme.

As a beginner, I assume, you don’t have any coding knowledge. That’s fine. I don’t have too.

So, let’s move with what widgets ready areas you have in your WordPress theme.

So, How to add widgets to your blog’s sidebar?

To add widgets to your blog’s sidebar, login to your WordPress dashboard as you normally do (

Once you logged in, go to “Appearance > Widgets“.

On the page that appears, find your desired widget and simply drag and drop the widgets in your sidebar (You will see all your widget ready area on the right side of the page that appears on the screen). See the image below.

How to add and use wordpress

Simple! Isn’t it?

You can also add widgets to your blog’s footer and any other widgets ready area in your blog.


How to delete widgets in WordPress?

If you want to delete a widget for some reason, you can do it easily. To delete a widget,

Login to your WordPress dashboard (

Once you logged in, go to “Appearance > Widgets”.

On the right-hand side of the page that appears, you will see all your widgets ready area. Just find out the widget which you want to delete and click on the title of the widget.

Once you clicked on the title, it will expand. Below the widget’s setting, you will see a “Delete” link. Click on that link and the widget will be deleted from your blog.

Okay. You now know that how to add and delete a widget in WordPress.

Now let’s see, what you can do using widgets.


What you can do using WordPress widgets?

You can do almost anything using WordPress widgets.

Some widgets come with the WordPress installation as default. Such as search, recent post, recent comments, etc.

Some widgets come with the theme you install.

You can also add widgets by installing plugins.

Some common WordPress widgets are –

Search Widget: You can give your readers an option to search your blog by adding this widget.

Recent post widget: You can show your blog’s most recent post in your sidebar or footer using this widget.

Popular post widget: With the popular post widgets, you can show your most popular post in your blog sidebar or footer.

Text widget: You can show almost anything using the text widget. Such as ads, subscription box, image, etc.

Category widget: You can show your blog category using this widget in your blog sidebar.

Authors widget: You can show the author profile using this widest.

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  1. Great post! I’ve been experimenting with my widgets and menus for a few weeks now and I’ve finally gotten them to how I want them to look. I’ve been learning by doing when it comes to WordPress and it’s been working out so far. I’ll definitely make a note to check out the widget plugins if I need them.

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