How To Achieve Long Term Blogging Goals (10 Practical Tips)

How To Achieve Long Term Blogging Goals (10 Practical Tips)

Setting long term blogging goals strategically is the first step to achieve them.

Long term goals are those which require years to achieve. They need a lot of dedication and effort.

Giving continuous effort on something for a long time is really difficult. That’s the reason most people fail to achieve long term goals.

Another big reason for failing to achieve long term goals is, it makes people overwhelmed. When we see a long term goal as a whole, it seems difficult to achieve. It makes us overwhelmed. For this reason, we even get scared to set long term goals.

But nothing should be in your way to achieve long term goals. If you set your long term goals properly and follow the tips I’m sharing in this post, achieving long term goals will be just a matter of time.

How To Achieve Long Term Blogging Goals (10 Practical Tips)

How To Achieve Long Term Blogging Goals?

I’m sharing some tips which will help you to achieve long term blogging goals. In fact, these tips are applicable not only for blogging goals but also for any long term goals in your life.

Tip #1: Focus On One Goal At A Time

You may have many short term blogging goals. But when you properly set your long term blogging goals you’ll find two-three goals at most.

Focusing on all of them can distract you. And you can become overwhelmed.

It’s best to take one goal at a time and give your full energy and focus to achieve that.

Tip #2: Set A Deadline For Each Goal

Every goal should have a deadline. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself working on a goal an unlimited amount of time.

Set a calculated and realistic deadline for each goal.

Tip #3: Convert Your Long Term Goal Into Short Chunks

Long term goals are like constructing a high rise building. If you see the building construction process as a whole, you will become overwhelmed. It’ll seem impossible for you to construct a building. Because there is a lot of work needed to be completed to give a building a finishing look.

But we see buildings everywhere. Those aren’t built in a day. They needed proper planning and execution and took three to five years to complete each building.

Long term goals can also become overwhelming if you see them as a whole.

But when you break your long term goal into short chunks, it’ll become easy and seems achievable to you.

Based on the deadline of a long term goal, break it down.

For example, you want to achieve a long term goal within three years. First of all, break that goal in three parts. And define which tasks you’ll complete in the first year, which tasks in the second year, and which in the third year.

Once you divide a long term goal yearly basis, now divide the yearly basis targets into a monthly basis then weekly basis.

Once you know your weekly target, it’ll be much easier for you to achieve your weekly target.

Tip #4: Set A Time Block In Your Daily Blog Routine To Work On Long Term Goals

A few days ago, I talked about the importance of setting a daily blog routine and how to make one properly.

If you read the post, you already know that how I set time blocks for different tasks.

Once you break down your long term goals, set a time block on your daily routine to work on a goal.

We always have urgent tasks in our daily life. Successful people know how to separate the urgent from the important tasks.

If you don’t set a time block to work on your long term goal, you’ll find that there are many urgent tasks you’ll be working on rather than working on your goal. That’s why it’s important to set a time block for your long term goal.

Depending on your available time and the scope of the goal, you can set more than one time block in your daily routine.

Keep in mind that it’s very important to set time blocks to work on a long term goal every day.

Tip #5: Work On Your Goal Every Day

Only setting time block on your daily routine won’t give you many benefits. You need to work consistently at that time block.

It often happens to me. I often think that oh today is our festival or today is my off day. So I won’t work on my daily routine. I’ll just sit and relax today.

But it’s a big obstacle to achieve your long term goals. If you think this way, you’ll find that several days already have passed before realizing that you aren’t working on your goal.

So no matter if it’s your off day or festival day, just sit and work on your goal every day at your defined time block.

It’s a foolproof way to achieve long term blogging goals.

Tip #6: Keep Yourself Disciplined

It’s not that you only have a long term blogging goal to work on every day. You have many other blogging tasks to do daily. Some of the tasks are even more important to do on the day.

Not only that, as a human being, we also have separate roles in our life. For example, we have a role as a family man. We need to spend time with our family. We also have a social role.

To carry out all these roles, we need time. But we only have twenty-four hours a day. After carrying all these roles, we often run short of time to spend on our long term goals.

One way to get time for all these things is to keep yourself disciplined.

Once you’re disciplined, you’ll be amazed at how many things you can accomplish in a day.

Tips to Achieve Long Term Goals

Tip #7: Make Habits That Require To Achieve Long Term Goals

When I started to work on my long term goals, I needed to make up time to spend on my goals.

But where can I get time?

I started to look for a way to make up time and found that I spend some time watching television after dinner.

After spending all day long working here and there, we often don’t have the energy to work after dinner.

So, I made a decision that I’ll go to bed early and rise early in the morning.

But as you know early rising isn’t easy and you need to form a habit to rise early. So, I needed to form an early rising habit.

I also made some other habits which help me to work on my long term goals consistently. I’m listing them below and hope that it’ll help you too.

Taking Exercise Regularly: To keep you energetic you need to have a good health condition. I found that taking exercise keeps me healthy and energetic.

so form a habit to exercise regularly.

Reading Books: I read books for half an hour every day before going to sleep. I found two obvious benefits of this habit. It helps me to sleep well and keep me motivated. Another nice benefit I’m getting after forming the book reading habit is that when I sit to write articles words just flows.

Book reading habit also helps me to gather knowledge and ideas in different aspects of my life.

If you study successful people you’ll find that they all have a common habit of reading.

So form a book reading habit to achieve your long term blogging goals.

I also formed some other habits which help me to focus and work consistently on my long term goals. Such as I reduced to take junk foods, I now drink more fresh water, I’m now trying to make a habit to be organized in everything.

In a nutshell, make habits that’ll help you to achieve your long term goals.

Tip #8: Track Your Progress Regularly

Track progress is really important to achieve long term goals.

In tip #3, I asked to break down your long term goal into short chunks. So, tracking your progress won’t be difficult for you in monthly even on a weekly basis.

You’ll get two obvious benefits when tracking your progress.

One is, you’ll get to know how far you’ve traveled toward your goal. Last year, I started to write a book. I track the progress monthly basis. After six months, while I was tracking my progress, I’ve been amazed to know that I almost completed the book writing. It motivated me instantly.

The second benefit you’ll get from tracking progress is, you’ll get to know your lacking and uncompleted work to achieve your long term goals. Thus you can replan and set your strategy to fulfill the lackings.

So, track your progress regularly, at least once in a month.

Tip #9: Be Ready To Overcome Obstacles

If achieving long term goals would be simple and plain and if there is any easy way then I don’t need to write this post and everyone can achieve them.

But it doesn’t normally happen. You’ll face many obstacles toward your journey. So, prepare yourself to face obstacles and develop a mindset to overcome them.

Tip #10: Keep Yourself Motivated

Working on something for a long time needs motivation. Achieving long time goals takes time. So you need to motivate yourself to work consistently on your long term goals.

So how do you keep yourself motivated?

I’m sharing some of my tips here to keep yourself motivated.

Visualize Your Success: After achieving a long term goal, what will happen? How will you get benefitted from that? What changes will you bring in your life?

Visualize your success and all the benefits you’re getting after achieving a long term goal.

I use two time-blocks for visualizing. One fifteen minutes time-block in the morning after getting up from the bed and another fifteen minutes time-block at night before going to bed.

There is a process for visualization. You can call this a meditation.

I’m not a meditation expert. But I learnt the process from an expert.

The process is simple. You first need to be relaxed by taking deep and slow breaths. Once you’re completely relaxed, just imagine your success and enjoy that.

Read Motivational Books: Reading motivational books always keeps me motivated.

There are many motivational books available in the market. Find some for you and start reading.

Reward Yourself: Whenever I achieve significant progress toward my goal, I try to reward myself.

I go out with my family and have fun. It always motivates me. Find your own way to reward yourself.

Take Regular Breaks: Working constantly on a goal can sometimes demotivate you. So take regular short breaks to refill yourself.

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Achieving long term goals requires constant effort and working for a long time. And this is where most people fail.

But that shouldn’t be. In this post, I’ve shared ten tips which really help me to focus and work on my long term goals consistently.

Try these. I’m sure it’ll help you to achieve your long term goals.

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