You actually need two things to build a successful blogging business – an Unstoppable willingness and eliminating blogging overwhelm.

Most of the new bloggers have the first one. But after starting a blog they quit too early because of overwhelming blogging things.

That’s what this blog is about.

What You’ll Get From this blog…

  • My first focus is to eliminate your blogging overwhelm.
  • Inspiration to keep you blogging.
  • Simplified blogging guides and tips.
  • Free ebooks, worksheets, and checklists to help you build a successful blogging business.

This blog isn’t for hobby bloggers. This blog is for them who really want to build a successful blogging business. But hobby bloggers can be benefitted too.

Story Behind Starting This Blog…

In 2011 I started a blog which is related to my profession that is civil engineering. I sometimes write on that blog but not handle that professionally.

I even didn’t try to earn with that blog. But in 2015, I put Adsense ads on that blog. after two-three months of putting ads, I got a message from my bank account that google deposited 200$ in my bank account.

From that moment I’ve started to learn about blogging.

The more I was learning the more I was confusing that which is the right way and which is the wrong to build a successful blogging business.

It is really difficult to find out the right way from the jungle of overwhelming information online.

But I started to figure out the right way.

In the middle of 2017, I started SharpBlogger to share the right way with you that I’ve figured out.

I believe that showing someone the right way and let him walk through that way is a formula to be successful in any aspect of life.

Why You’ll Want to Engage With SharpBlogger…

To build a successful blogging business you actually need to go through these five stages

Stage One: Starting a blog the right way

Stage Two: Creating reader optimized content without burning out.

Stage Three: Getting targeted traffic

Stage Four: Strategically monetizing your blog, and

Stage Five: Building a business

I share an optimized post every week on the above five stages. I also give my readers ebooks, worksheets and checklists to help them make their blogging journey easy and enjoyable. And most of them are free.

If you’re eager to build a successful blogging business, first of all, you have to start a blog the right way. Download my free ebook.

Who I’m…

Liton Biswas

My name is Liton Biswas.

I’m a flexible-minded person and eager to learn new things every day. I read books madly. I don’t talk more but I listen carefully. When I say something I just say what should be said.

I’m just an ordinary family man with a six-year-old baby girl and living a simple life like most other in the world.

If you have any question to ask me about this blog or about me then you can contact me here.

You can also connect with me on…