How To Write a Killer About Me Page (with examples)

Why and How to Write a killer About Me Page for Your Blog (With Examples)

How To Write a Killer About Me Page (with examples)

You’ll be amazed to know that the About Me Page is the most viewed page of many blogs. It may be the most viewed page of your blog too.

Most of the new bloggers ignore to write an About Me Page for their blog. I’ll request you to write one as soon as you start your blogging journey.

In this post, I’ll describe everything about an About Me page. So that you can write one without much effort.

I’ll also show you some amazing about me page examples to make the thing easy for you.

Let’s first know little about an About Me page.


At one point, your readers want to know more about you and your blog.

To meet this thirst of your readers, you need to have a separate page in your blog describing you and your blog. This page is called About Me page.


I would like to show you some benefits of having an About Me Page in your blog. Because I don’t want to let you ignore this essential part of a blog anymore.

  • It let your readers know about you: If your readers love your work they want to know more about you and your blog. An About Me page meets this requirement.
  • It increases readers engagement: People love real people. If your readers find an About Me page in your blog and if they know that there is a real person behind the blog then they will somehow engage with you. And you know, reader engagement is essential for your blogging success.
  • It increases trustworthiness: Having an About me page including your image will increase the trustworthiness of your blog among your readers. And you know, trustworthiness is an important thing of any business.
  • It can bring business opportunities: If someone wants to establish a business partnership with you, they want to know more about you. If they don’t find more about you, there is a possibility that they’ll leave you behind and you’ll lose a business opportunity. So an About Me page will increase your business opportunity.

Let’s see a few awesome about me page examples to get some more inspiration.

3 Awesome About Me page Examples to be inspired

When you’re about to create your About Me page, you may want to see some examples of them.
When I was researching, I’ve found some about me pages which are most engaging. I’ve listed them below for you.

Melissa Griffin

You’ll instantly love the simplicity of her about page.
Another thing which catches my attention is that the images she is using on the page. These images are so bright, colorful and engaging.

The first two paragraphs of her about page are just enough to engage anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur.

In Melissa Griffin’s about me page, we see the following things-

  • An enticing introduction
  • Readers’ benefit
  • Colorful and bright image
  • Little about her, and
  • A Call to action to subscribe to her newsletter.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn’s about me page is different. He didn’t include any call to action in his page. This is an example of storytelling type about me page. I just found the following things in his about me page –

  • A smiling image of Pat and his family.
  • Some awesome proof of his awesomeness.
  • An inspiring story of his life.
  • Some guidelines for his readers to be successful in life.


I’ve some favorite blogs to learn SEO. Backlinko is one of them.

If you visit the about me page of Backlinko, you’ll instantly get an idea of what the blog is about.

This is an example of a simple about me page.

I’ve found the following things on the page-

  • A simple question at the beginning of the page which gives an idea about the blog.
  • Some proofs his trustworthiness.
  • Simple and elegant
  • An image of Brian Dean, the guy behind Backlinko.
  • A call to action to subscribe to his email newsletter.

I think you’re now convinced enough to write a killer about me page for your blog.

Let’s see what should have in your About Me page.


You are not a celebrity. Readers are not inclined to read what you wrote on your about me page.

So it should include some definite things. So that your readers will engage with it.
I’m sharing some must have points to include in your blog’s About me page:


Keep in mind that your blog’s About me page isn’t about you. It is about your readers.

So start with them. Tell how they can be benefited from your blog. What they will get from your blog. Show them how they can get it.


Tell your readers what is your blog about. Why your blog exists. In this section, show them your mission, vision, and goal. Clearly describe your readers how you will achieve that.


After reading your mission, vision, and goal, your readers somehow want to know about the man behind the blog.

So, tell your readers who you are. What you do in real life. What your status – family, social, political etc.

But be careful in this section. Just tell what you want to tell. You don’t need to share your private life. Just tell, what your readers may want to know. But don’t tell your life story because of you love that. You readers may feel irritating because of that.


There is a vast possibility that after reading the About me page, your readers can leave your blog if you don’t show them where to go after reading the page.

So, show them where they should go. Link best posts in your About me page. You should also insert blog subscription option in the page.

Okay! You now know that what should be included in an About Me Page. Let’s see how you can write a killer about me page. Before that I want you to download my free About Me Page worksheet clicking on the button below.

How to Write a killer ABOUT ME PAGE

I’ve researched many blogs to figure out how to write an About Page. What I found best, I’m showing you that below.

You should maintain a sequence for writing About me page. That means, what should be written first and what later. Please don’t break the sequence. I’ll show the sequence one after one.

You can write the page in plain text or if you want to show that in an entertaining way then you can create infographics.

The Sequence of Writing An Awesome ABOUT ME PAGE


After welcoming your readers, show them what they will get from your blog.

For example,

Welcome to (your blog name). In this blog, you’ll get practical tips, tutorials…..about (your topic).

You can list all the benefits as bullet points as I did.

Show your readers where they should go to get the benefits. Link your best articles or guides or resources in this section.

2. Who Should Read Your Blog?

After showing the benefits to your readers, describe who can be benefited from your blog. That is, who should read your blog. Be specific in this section. Imagine your target audiences – Who are you writing for?

For example,

This blog is for them who want to be a better person by controlling their emotions.


This blog is for college students who want to be on top in the exam, etc.

3. Describe What Your Blog is About

Now your readers know that what they will get from your blog. They may want to know more about your blog.

Write about your blog here.

How did you start your blog?

Why did you start the blog?

What is your blogging mission?

Where do you want to go?

Describe everything about your blog in this section.

In this section, you should show your readers how they can come back to your blog later. Insert subscription options. Link your blog’s Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Pinterest account and email opt-In from.

4. Write About You

It makes sense. After reading all the things about your blog, your readers may want to know about the man behind the blog.

So, write about you. What do you do in real life? Tell about your interest. Tell about your family. Be frank, be friendly.

Show your readers how they can connect with you. How they can contact you. Leave your email address here. Link your social profile, etc.

Oh! Don’t forget to insert a full size photo of yourself.

5. Show Proof of Your Credibility

Showing credibility is something which helps your readers to remember you for long.

I’ve seen a blogger who wrote, I’ve written 1100 posts, as his credibility in his about me page. Writing that amount of posts is really a hard work and a credit.

I know, as a new blogger you may don’t have any credibility to show to your readers.

In that case, you can share anything which you achieved in your real life by hardworking.

You don’t have to maintain any sequence for showing your credibility on your About Me Page. You can include that where it fits best – at the beginning or at the middle or at the end.

6. Show Your Readers Where to Go

After reading the About Me Page, your reader may leave your blog if you don’t show them where to go.

In this section you should show them how they can start reading your blog. Insert your start page link here.

Again show them your resource page by inserting link of the pages. If you have any free or paid guide , include that links here. If you have any other blogs, link that here too. Your readers may be interests to read that.

At last, Include your blog subscription options again at the bottom of the page.

Okay! you’ve completed the writing of your blog’s about page. Now how to show that on your blog?

How to Show An ABOUT ME PAGE on Your Blog?

It is simple. Just open a new page in edit mode in your WordPress dashboard. Paste the text you’ve written in the blank page as you do for publishing post and save the page. And publish the page.

Now include the page on your blog’s main menu. That’s it.


Keep in mind that your blog’s About Me Page is something which can fuel your blogging business. So take time to write that. Download my free worksheet to craft an About Me Page perfectly.

Say Something

If you have any suggestions to write an About Me Page, please share that in the comments below…

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